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Chandra's Historic Clothing
And ramblings of a historian
2013 Run down 
2nd-Jan-2014 04:47 pm
1940s Denim Overalls
1940s Seersucker Blouse
1940s Denim pants
1940s Wool crepe two-piece dress
1940s Victory Apron
late 1910s Brown Velvet hat
1917 Cotton print dress
1860s Cotton print dress
1860s Men's shirt
1860s Men's canton flannel drawers
1864 Smoking Cap with soutache and beads
1860s tobacco pouch

2014 To do

Finish 1860s linen travelling bag
Start on Waterloo stuff from the inside out
WWI and WWII Red Cross knitting projects (to do at living history events)
WWI Red Cross knitting bag
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