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Chandra's Historic Clothing
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WWI Red Cross Knitting Bag 
19th-Aug-2014 09:25 am
This weekend I threw together a linen Red Cross knitting bag based off an original that sold on ebay a while back (left image). The original measures 20" tall and 18-19" wide, as does my reproduction (right image). There was no information if the original had a lining, but I put in a light colored polished cotton. I went on an epic quest to four different stores to get the purse handles. Only Jo-Ann's Supercenters carry purse making supplies, Michael's has clear plastic handles to crochet cover, nothing at Wal-Mart, and finally Hancock Fabrics was the promised land. I wish the handles were a bit larger to spread out the gathered fabric better, but the next size up was enormous. I wanted to have it made for this weekend as I am attending a WWI Living History event and wanted to work on my knitting with a better knitting bag than the vintage one I have that looks good for WWII, but not WWI.

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