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12th-Jul-2013 10:03 am - Late 1910s Hat Finished!
I whipped up this hat after work this week to go with my new 1917 dress, which just needs the hem sewn and some snaps attached. I made View B, which has an asymmetrical flipped front brim. I modified the crown decoration for horizontal instead of twisted pleating. It's lacking ornamentation at the moment, but I'll sort that out later. I'm just glad I made the hat in less than three evenings worth of work! Glad I took that millinery course in college. It was like riding a bike, once you get started it all comes flooding back...


I used Lynn McMasters new pattern:
20th-Jun-2013 03:02 pm - 1917 Dress Plans
I will be attending the Ft. MacArthur timeline event with my husband's French WWI group and will tag along as a civilian. As they interpret late war, I decided to make the 1917 dress from Past Patterns

I was really inspired by Lauren's version!

I am on the look out for a wide scale plaid this weekend.

Also, I just discovered that ancestry.com has all the Sears catalogs from 1896-1993 online! They're heaven! You can't save pages easily or download the while catalog, but there is always screen capture...
So, part of a big trip back east with my husband, twin sister, and brother-in-law, we are spending July 4th at Colonial Williamsburg. I know we won't be able to see/do everything that we want, so are there any MUST SEE places/tours/events, etc. that absolutely cannot be missed?
27th-Mar-2013 12:49 pm - 1940s Overalls
I've went to my first World War II living history event last weekend and had a lot of fun. I made a pair of 1940s overalls from the Evadress pattern. I only have one picture of me from the event, and it's a shame it is not of the back because the criss-cross straps is the cutest part! I got a lot of "Rosie the Riveter" comments, so I am making a pair of pants and blouse to wear next time and figure out a hairstyle that doesn't involve a bandanna.

2 hours 10 minutes. Not too shabby for no training and running non-stop. I entered the event after I listened to a voice mail from my grandmother after she passed away in December. It was from the year before when I was running all the time and she asked how many miles I ran that day, how proud she was, and she wished she could be out there with me. So, this is for you Tood. I miss you so much.

Ian and brother-in-law will be attending a 150th Gettysburg living history event this year and I am making my BIL a shirt and his underclothes as part of his Chrismaka (Christmas / Hanukkah) present. My twin sister and I will meet them on the last day and then tour around the area and then fly out of Richmond, VA for a week long trip.

The next major event that Ian and I will attend together is the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo in Belgium in 2015. This event will be huge and I am already planning what to wear. I kind of wish it was sooner rather than later because we finally decided that we want to start a family, but we have a few things on our travel bucket list before then:

New England (2014?)
Waterloo (2015)
Norway (2014 or 2016?)
England (???)

A trip to England isn't that bad, in terms of finances, because I have a cousin who has a large flat in Brighton and we have an open offer to visit whenever we like. Maybe we can do a "babymoon" trip?

It's kind of funny, now the we decided to have a family of our own, Ian has been thinking about songs he sung and books he read as a kid and reminiscing about the great parts of being a kid. We've been singing a lot of kid songs in the car lately...
2nd-Oct-2012 10:16 am - Halloween!
We're going to a HUGE Halloween party and I really don't want to wear any of my 1840s stuff. Ian is going to wear the French WWI uniform he made so I'm thinking about making the Folkwear Garden Party Dress (http://www.folkwear.com/220.html) or the Armistice Day Blouse (http://www.folkwear.com/210.html).
19th-Sep-2012 01:19 pm - Don't get old!
My mom tells me this all the time.

I'm going deaf in one ear, my vision is going since I stare at a computer screen all day, and I have a crazy never-ending outbreak of adult nodular acne that I need to get on antibiotics for.

On the plus side my workouts are the best part of my day. At the gym the guy who works the front desk told me that no one else works out as hard and I do. He talked to me about my goals and wrote out a list of supplements he recommends (he majored in sports nutrition in college). I haven't lost any weight since I started my new routine in March, but I've gained A LOT of muscle. I was getting the stink eye from older women at Costco who were sneering at me in my workout clothes after a crazy arm workout. I want to get another body composition test done soon to see where I'm at. March 2013 is my goal date for my goal body, which is mainly to slim down my legs, tighten up my stomach, and that's about it. Today and yesterday were the first time in my life where I didn't feel fat, even when I was down to 113 pounds. It's totally weird. I'm sad to see summer go because it was fun wearing tank tops all the time! WHO AM I???
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